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All you need to know about Cross Pens

Since its inception in 1846, Cross has created some of the finest writing instruments known to man. Richard Cross founded A.T. Cross in 1846. The Cross family were jewellers and the influence of that trade was very evident in the early years and can still be seen, even today. The company is responsible for many of the great achievements in the fine writing space, they developed the forerunners of the modern mechanical pencils and the earliest stylographic pens. The stylographic pen was the precursor to the ballpoint pen.Crossis an American brand and its pens are icons of American innovation that are still very much at the forefront of writing American history today. Cross pens have been used by every American president from Regan to Biden for signing official legislation.

Cross pens have a following worldwide and that’s not just down to luck. There are several reasons why the brand name is instantly recognisable in countries around the globe.

Robust quality of materials and longevity:With the proper care and attention, a Cross pen is an heirloom that can be passed down for the next generation to enjoy. The pens are known for their dependability and longevity so you can look forward to a lifetime of pleasurable writing. Part of this reputation is due to the Cross Lifetime Mechanical Warranty. All Cross writing instruments are unquestionably guaranteed against mechanical failure, regardless of age. Any writing instrument requiring service under this warranty will be repaired or replaced at no charge.

Beauty and Quality:The brand enjoys a sparkling reputation worldwide and the well-balanced ‘Cross’ silhouette is a stand out feature that is instantly recognisable to pen enthusiasts. The beautiful designs and quality materials used allow the brand to create superior fine writing instruments with broad market appeal.

Beauty and Quality

Every Cross pen is inspected at least 120 times during production to ensure a superior performance. Each instrument is drop-tested nine times in different configurations to guarantee that they’ll remain operational after falling a distance of approximately three feet. Prior to launch, all new finishes are tested for up to 100 hours to ensure that they’re resistant to corrosion and colour fading.

Cross Pen Price:Cross pen prices range from luxury to eminently reasonable, making this a popular brand with beginners and collectors alike. Cross pens and pencils are designed to be easily refillable and reusable for a lifetime of enjoyment. Cross operates in 140 countries worldwide; Cross pen refills are easily available and inexpensive, so owning a Cross doesn’t come with unexpected headaches.

Personalisation:The ideal gift is something that is long-lasting, has a personal connection to the recipient and is a practical luxury he or she desires. And many Cross pens tick all the boxes as they allow forpersonalisation. By adding the giftee’s name or a significant date, you create an instant connection between the gift and the recipient.A personalised giftis a thoughtful one and is a great way to commemorate a special occasion.


The President’s Pen

Cross is the pen of American Presidents. Presidents Reagan, Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump have all selected Cross pens to be their official pens due to Cross’s reputation for style and quality.

Under President Biden, Cross was selected by the Office of the President due to its long history of supplying official writing instruments. The pen was designed and assembled in Rhode Island, USA from foreign and domestic components. The exact pen developed for the President is based on his specifications and is not sold to the general public. However, the President’s pen is a modifiedCentury 11 Black Lacquer Selectip Rolling Ball penwith gold-plated appointments.

Cross has several collections that do it credit and here are some of the best ones in the market today:

Bailey Light


Bailey Lightis the first of its kind in the Cross collection. Crafted to their exacting standards, the design shares all the statement-making appeal of the original metal pen, but it weighs less in glossy resin. An array of fresh finishes complements the new attitude of this dependable, everyday option.



Inspired by art-deco design, theCalais collectionis distinguishable by the asymmetrical tapered profile, polished chrome details and fine finishes. It’s one of the more modern Cross collections that appeal to those who appreciate the simple pleasure of a stylish everyday pen that expresses their personality.

Cross Edge


For those that want to have a little fun while getting down to business, this capless rollerball pen combines performance and practicality with play-ability. Just slide it open, unleash your thoughts, and then snap it shut. Slide open. Snap shut. Slide open. Snap shut. You won't be able to resist the temptation to play with the newCross Edge.



For those who value individuality and impeccable style,Townsendembodies classic American elegance and finesse. Inspired by the graceful lines of 1930’s Art Deco design, with distinctive finishes, precious metals and the signature double band, Townsend delivers a lifetime of smooth, effortless writing. No wonder it’s been the pen of choice for several American Presidents.



Cross pens from theLumina collectionfeature integrated LED lights in three colours that shine through a pattern of perforations on the cap. They allow the writer to change the colour to match his or her mood with a quick click of a button.

Now that we have covered some of our favourite collections, here are some of our favourite Cross pen models:



Cross ball pens and rollerballs are very popular, but Cross fountain pens are where the brand truly shines. The first Cross Fountain Pen debuted in 1846. It was called Peerless in tribute to its unmatched technology and design. Modern day Cross fountain pens follow in that matchless mould and continue to set the standard for modern writing instruments to this day.

Uniquely contemporary and beautifully feminine, this pretty teal fountain pen from the Cross Beverly collection makes writing a pure delight.



Whether you are on the track or off, this Cross ball pen wraps the excitement of Scuderia Ferrari around a stunning writing instrument that fits like a glove as it races across any page.



Cross brings modern industrial design trends to the fore with this smart pen. ATX delivers singular style in a sophisticated, ergonomic package. The sleek silhouette of this ATX Cross ball pen is dressed in diamond-patterned, machine-turned engravings giving it an unmistakably contemporary look.



This stunning lacquer Cross rollerball pen is from the Cross Century II collection, which is popular with world leaders like President Biden, who used one for his Inaugural Signing Ceremony. Created with a keen appreciation for modernist design, Century II offers a bolder look and wider girth than the original Classic Century. The pen offers a bold take on the classic Cross profile



This slide-open snap-shut, capless Cross rollerball pen combines performance with play-ability and is wrapped in black and white camouflage. Stylish with an addictive open-and-shut mechanism, this pen makes every writing session more fun.



A professional multi-tasker, Tech4 features a patented, user-friendly twist-action mechanism, that allows you to cycle easily through a choice of ballpoints in three colours and a pencil. When you’re multitasking and switching gears, Tech4 switches right along with you. The modern writing instrument also includes a hidden eraser and a colour-coded indicator that reveals which writing tip is in use. Presented in the sophisticated silhouette of an iconic Cross pen, Tech4 is a modern essential for the everyday multi-tasker.

While founded in Providence, Rhode Island in 1846, A.T. Cross has become a truly international company employing about 900 people worldwide. 2021 marked a milestone in A.T. Cross history, with the brand celebrating a very special year. Few will ever celebrate 175 years at the top of their game but Cross has always been an exceptional brand. The attention to detail, exquisite silhouettes, finishes and the premium materials have ensured Cross had a storied past and continues to have a very bright future.

The best place to buy Cross pens online


The best place to buy Cross pens online is theWilliam Penn website. Founded in 2002, William Penn is widely recognised as a definitive brand forpremium writing instrumentsandmen’s accessories, as well as an unparalleled destination for personal as well as corporate gifts. With over 25 exclusive outlets across 7 cities and more than 40 globally renowned brands on offer including the homegrownPennlineandLapis Bard, we are home to a breathtaking range of innovative writing-essentials and lifestyle products and accessories. We at William Penn carry a large range of models from the best Cross collections and we also carryCross pen refills, so you can get all the Cross products you need under one roof. We also have a range of gift hampers containing some of our best sellers from Cross. These are particularly special presents because in addition to pairing exquisite items from various well-known brands, they allow for an element of personalisation. The box itself can be personalised with the recipient’s name and each hamper comes with a notecard where you can write a personal note. Some of the items in the box can be personalised as well.

A selection of these hampers include:

The Sophisticate Hamper:It pairs a stylish Cross Click rollerball pen with a hard cover Moleskine Classic notebook and a golden bookmark from Anand Prakash.The black and gold colour combination adds a layer of sophistication to this set.


The His and Hers Hamper:It pairs a capless Cross Edge rollerball pen with a lacquered Cross Beverly ballpoint and two pocket-sized hard cover Moleskine Classic notebooks.The striking black and red colour combination gives the set a bold appeal. It is the perfect gift for a well-matched couple.


The Red Allure Hamper:It pairs a stylish Cross Century II Ferrari ballpoint pen with a hard cover Moleskine Classic notebook and a golden bookmark from Anand Prakash.The decadent red and gold colour combination mesmerises the eye like the flames of a banked fire.


The Eternal Black Hamper:It pairs a sleek rollerball and a mechanical pencil from the Cross Century II collection with two Moleskine notebooks. The all-black set has a timeless appeal that extends across generations.


The Song Of The Forest Hamper:It pairs a multi-function Tech3 pen from Cross with a compact Quikrite from Pennline and a Slimwallet from Secrid. The evergreen set is at home in the office, on the go and in your living room.


You can buy thegift hampersandindividual Cross pensonline by You can also visitany of our retails storesto view the exciting products we have on display and put the pens available in the store to the test.


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